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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  March 12, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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a really valuable service. i'm sorry, we're out of time. we'll have you back. thank you for your service and to your service to dialogue. >> thank you so much. >> boeing is struggling to contain the fallout after two deadly crashes. the latest next. i'm going to err on the side of safety. would i put my family on the plane? i don't think so. >> i wouldn't stay home until the federal government says there is something unsafe the public should have confidence in it. >> it's heart breaking he can't fulfill the legacy he set up for himself. >> divides the country. i don't believe it now and i didn't believe it then. >> you don't impeach trump for him. you impeach him for the constitution. >> she understands the ramifications and said she's not worth it. >> announcer: this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john berman. >> good morning. welcome to "new day." it is tuesday, march 12, 8:00 in
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the east. up first, a growing number of countries and airlines are grounding boeing 737 max 8 after two deadly crashes involving their best-selling jet. despite safety concerns the faa is telling u.s. airlines they can still fly this model as some union leaders and pilots and flight attendants say they are worried. listen now to retired american airlines pilot and cnn's richard quest on "new day" moments ago. >> would you feel comfortable flying it today? >> i would not. i have to be honest. i would not feel comfortable. >> the faa's announcement yesterday looks spectacularly out of touch. the faa is basically saying we do not have any technical reason to ground these planes. the faa is seemingly exceptionally deaf in this today or it appeared to be to what the public are saying. the worries about the planes, the worries about whether it's
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safe. >> notable comments from richard quest and les abin there. investigators continue to try to figure out what caused the crash in ethiopia this week minutes after takeoff. investigators are analyzing the black boxes to see if there is a link between that crash and the lion air crash in october. david mackenzie is live in ethiopia at the site of the disaster. give us the latest. >> good morning. there is a small group of forensic investigators behind me in white. they are waiting to access the scene to carefully go through to find evidence of what happened and why this brand new plane crashed into the hillside behind me. investigators told me they believe the plane could have come in very vertically. because of the deep nature of the crater and the relatively small area of the debris field -- speaking about that
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debris field, john, the fuselage is just shredded into tiny parts. we have witnessed these kind of crashes unfortunately on a regular basis. there is no large part of this plane left which means this brand new plane soon after takeoff came careening down here with no survivors. now more airlines and countries are grounding the brand new 737 8 series. china, singapore, indonesia, australia, ethiopia. that's an abridged list. they are saying they are not comfortable with their passengers getting on the plane. the faa at least at this stage standing by boeing and american-based carriers as well. if they are in possession of the black boxes, the flight and data recorders, they will be investigating soon. the faa has been on the ground, they say, to get those out of
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the area and those answers might be critical in trying to figure out whether there is any connection between what happened in ethiopia and some five months ago with the indonesian line airplane. that's a critical thing we need to find out to put the mind at rest of millions of passengers across the world. >> it's critical for the families of the 157 people lost in the crash that took place behind you. it is critical for everyone flying around the world the next few days. david mckenzie, thanks for being with us. 157 people died in the plane crash including 21 united nations staffers. maria buzetti worked for the u.n. world food program from rome and was just 30 years old. >> university of plymouth graduate sarah offret was on her way to talk about how to tackle plastic pollution in the oceans. her employees said in a statement we have lost a true friend and a beloved colleague.
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kosha vadila and her husband along with their teenagered daughters were on their way to nairobi. she wanted to show her daughters where she had come from. they planned to go on a safari. >> we should get data from the black boxes over the next few days. in the meantime, the calls for the faa and domestic u.s. carriers to perhaps ground these planes will rise and continue. >> we'll keep people posted throughout the show. >> in political news, i want to do a dramatic reading from an interview nancy pelosi gave to "the washington post." she said, this is news. i'm going to give you some news right now because i haven't said this to any press person before. as a reporter i will tell you -- >> that gets your attention? >> yes. when someone tells i will tell you something i haven't said before. she said, i'm against impeachment right now. she told "the washington post" impeachment is so divisive to the country unless there is
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something so compelling and bipartisan i don't think we should go down that path. it divides the country. she added this stinger, he's just not worth it. want to bring in the "new york times" op-ed contributor. alex burns from "new york times" a . frank, i'll start with you. when someone says i'm about to tell you some news i have never told anyone before they really want you to pay attention. this was really important for nancy pelosi to get out. why? >> no one is saying and she can never say i didn't mean it that way. she said and did the right thing. she gives cover to the democrats in the house whose constituents are saying why aren't you impeaching him. they can say it's impossible. the democratic leader won't let it happen. she's managing expectations downward for the mueller report and she's acknowledging what
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many democrats don't which is impeachment doesn't accomplish all you think it will. we talk about it like there isn't a trial in the senate. there is no reason to believe donald trump would be ejected from office after impeachment. in what she said and is doing she's educating people and accomplishing something important. >> it can have unintended consequences. particularly the freshmen democrats, some ran on it. some were eager to attempt to impeach the president. so will they just let it lie now? >> i think it is unlikely impeachment will go away as a political issue because nancy pelosi said it. for impeachment to actually become a realistic possibility in the house you would need to have -- the republicans aren't relevant to the conversation. you need a broad consensus in the democratic conference. some of the very liberal freshmen have gotten attention they are not a uniformly strident, liberal or pro
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impeachment group. a striking part of the nancy pelosi quote is when she said, i haven't said this to a press person before. we reported on the discomfort with nancy pelosi as a leader of the party among more moderate democrats, people in redder districts where she's unpopular. part of the case she and her allies were making to people was after the election who will be in a position to put a check on the far left or on the people who will stampede into a big fight like impeachment or a government shutdown or some of the big fights you saw the tea party republican freshmen pick after 2011. >> we talked to the head of the democratic congressional campaign committee and said the democrats aren't getting credit for the policy they are trying to approach because michael cohen has overshadowed everything. they want to you can that about medicare. maybe not for all, but the reduction in cost increases and spending that the white house just proposed yesterday.
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>> exactly. that was a lesson democrats learned in the last election. they are the strongest when they are running on something, not just running against trump. it was interesting to hear her say when michael cohen was testifying, a lot of democrats thought it was damaging to the president. she said it sucked the oxygen out of the building in congress. they couldn't get any attention on any of the other stuff. they were having hearings on health care, trying to have hearings on other issues. none of it got attention. there are a lot of democrats who are in the business of trying to get other democrats elected and are also in the business of trying to get donald trump out of office who are saying the only way to do that is both to have donald trump on the ballot and also to have other issues we can run on that voters actually care about because it will stand in contrast. their message is it will stand in contrast to what the republican party has been doing for the last two years and in the last four years. a lot of democrats are concerned
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impeachment is just going to be something that makes people feel good but doesn't accomplish anything and may have the opposite effect when it comes down to the ballot box. >> frank, speaking of democrats trying to get elected, joe biden is in the virgin islands and beto is headed to iowa. what do you make of these developments? >> maybe beto will announce before joe biden does. joe has all the time in the world. he won't use it all and democrats are getting impatient but she's a presumed frontrunner and doesn't have to worry if he does it a few days late he won't get enough attention. the question is why hasn't beto announced yet. he's someone if he waits too long looks more like this ridiculous hamlet who can't make up his mind. >> this week might be it. why? he's going to iowa. >> i also think because he understands anyone watching this understands he cannot wait much longer without seeming ridiculous. >> his iowa trip, what should we
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make of it and of beto world now? >> the iowa trip is a big deal. we'll get a sense of whether the magic is still there, although it's possible we'll get a false positive. everyone who goes to iowa is getting an enormous reception. not just the giant celebrity candidates. does he get a reception on the level of kamala harris or is he just one of a number of candidates at this point trying to capture the energy and the party toward change, youth, a different way of doing politics. >> you were in touch with a lot of the campaigns. are they nervous? do they look at the beto entrance as something to change the campaign and a threat to the kamala harris campaign or bernie sanders? >> they're anxious about what he's going to do. joe biden is in a category on his own. he has a separate kind of biography and message and political base within the democratic party. older, more moderate, generally whiter democratic primary
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voters. everybody else, almost everybody else is trying to compete for some piece of that youthful, diverse base. even bernie sanders, the strongest candidate now is depending on what we could call the green point vote, the millennial liberal base. beto goes at that. >> do we have a sense of who makes the white house most anxious? >> we know the president has been curious about people including biden. people close to the president are concerned about biden. they think he has a lot of potential reach for the kind of voters who crossed over to trump in the last election. he could blunt the president's impact with those people. but it was interesting to see earlier this year the president pick a fight with beto o'rourke by going to el paso, his
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hometown basically, helping to raise beto's stature and creating a personality around someone who possibly is running for office. there is an already made match-up between the two. in part because they had duelling rallies that night. that will be interesting for trump more so than joe biden who can reach the voters everyone came out of 2016 thinking we are so important. beto could upend that by just being a more charismatic person, having a broad-based reach. i don't know that the president or his team knows what to make of it. people saw the el paso move as a bit of a misstep. it really didn't accomplish what the president wanted to accomplish. it created a new opponent for president trump that he didn't have really going into it. there are a lot of other candidates he's curious about.
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but i think the president will have trouble figuring out what to do with new players who aren't going to fit into the traditional molds and get an easy nickname that he can label them with going into this next election. >> before we leave 2020, there is a but wait there's more. there is another candidate who is dangling the possibility she might get in. stacy abrams ran for governor of georgia and put out this tweet at south by southwest over the weekend. the end of the tweet is 2020 is definitely on the table. she's talking about a 2020 presidential run. >> i would be surprised if that happened. it's got to be difficult when you see this many people to think, why not me? why not throw my hat in the ring? if i could say one more thing about beto, this is a different moment for him than his senate campaign was. he's under fire now and his opponents or would be opponents are drawing attention to just how progressive is his voting
5:15 am
record, his years in congress. does what he -- is what she's saying on the stump matching up with the record? look how much money he has. beto is being framed in a different way now than he was by ted cruz during the senate race. it will be challenging for him. >> interesting. any stacy abrams thoughts? >> she's of interest across the party. you have seen prominent activists saying it's more important we have a serious candidate in the senate race than yet another person running for president. if she runs she'll be a factor in the race for sure. it's harder to get on the 2020 train at this point than if you were beto and immediately while you were running for senate in texas you were already toying with the possibility. >> thank you very much, friends. >> great to see you guys. not all democrats agree with nancy pelosi on impeachment. i will talk to a house democrat about why he thinks impeachment is inevitable.
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it's all the ones after that. house speaker nancy pelosi says she's not for impeachment because she feels president trump is, quote, just not worth it. one high ranking democrat disagrees and thinks impeachment proceedings are, quote, inevitable. joining us is john yarmouth, the chairman of the house budget committee. good morning, congressman. >> good morning. >> what do you mean impeachment is inevitable? >> first of all, i think he
5:20 am
probably ought to be impeached because of the budget document he sent up to the hill yesterday. but that's another story. you know, i think we have a situation -- i fully understand where speaker pelosi is coming from. she makes valid points. in my opinion if impeachment is to mean anything, and it is in the constitution for a reason, it is because when we see evidence of impeachable offenses we need to start the process to remove the president from office. >> let's talk about it. >> sure. >> there are all sorts of investigations, congressional and mueller. why are you already ready to start impeachment proceedings when people haven't reached conclusions yet? >> exactly. i think we are essentially in the beginning of an impeachment process. impeachment process begins with hearings. judiciary committee is holding them, intelligence committee, oversight committee. we are gathering evidence of many of the possible impeachable offenses. i happen to believe there is
5:21 am
sufficient evidence of abuse of power, violating the emoluments clause. >> spell it out, since nobody has reached a conclusion. >> let me make a distinction. people confuse evidence with proof. there is an abundance of evidence that the trump campaign, for instance, cooperated with the russians in the middle of the 2016 election. is there proof? not yet. maybe. but there is plenty of evidence. abuse of power. just the other day a report that the president was trying to use his office to kill a proposed merger deal with time warner and at&t because to get at cnn. he favored a merger deal to help his friend rupert murdock. that's evidence of abuse of power. we need to look into it. i don't think now there is a way to get 218 votes on the floor of the house for an impeachment resolution. i think that's not a matter of whether, but it is a matter of
5:22 am
when. >> you know impeachments sometimes have unintended consequences and that the american people doesn't seem to like going through it that much. >> i wouldn't either. >> does that temper your feeling that it would be inevitable? >> i think we have obligations under the constitution. the founding fathers put the impeachment process in the constitution for a reason. it was essentially a way of keeping the chief executive from doing additional damage to the country. i think we are very close to that point, if not there. that's why i think, again, it is our obligation. it may not be the smartest political calculation. ic concede that. i see where nancy pelosi is coming from on that score. >> do you wish she hadn't said it? >> i think it's fine. we all have different opinions. >> you are jewish. i want to ask you about the president, it seems, trying to deflect attention away from
5:23 am
himself after charlottesville and saying democrats are an anti-jewish party. what's your response? >> it's an absurd statement. jews have always been overwhelmingly supportive of democrats. they have aligned with democratic values. we have more than 20 jewish members in the house. eight in the senate. there are no jewish republicans in the senate, just a couple in the house. for him to talk about democrats being a party that hates jews is ridiculous. it's just as you expressed, a way of diverting attention from himself and from his basically condemnation of bigotry throughout the society directed at jews, at muslims, mexicans, you name it and he's condoned th that. >> he's seized on congresswoman omar's comments. i wonder if you think congress went far enough in condemning her since they were not specifically condemning her comments. >> if you read the actual
5:24 am
resolution there is no escaping the fact that it was directed at the comments she made. it addressed specifically the question of describing somebody as having dual loyalties, the very allegations made against her. again, that's a smokescreen. the resolution, i think rightfully condemned the potentially antisemitic remarks congresswoman omar made as well as many of the anti-muslim dynamics that are going on in the country now. >> did you feel that vote was just symbolic and procedural? >> i don't know that it's symbolic. i think it was unnecessary. just two weeks before we passed a resolution condemning anti-semitism in all forms. it's redundant, if anything. >> why do you think president trump's budget is impeachable? >> i'm kidding about being impeachable -- >> of course. what did you think was so
5:25 am
offensive about it? >> it's a continuation of the pattern of republicans that started back with paul ryan when he was chairman of the budget committee. it's cut taxes on the wealthiest americans, cry about the ensuing deficits and then ask for deep cuts in programs that help middle and lower income americans. it's exactly what the budget does. it extends the 2017 tax cuts, adds a trillion to the deficit and slashes medicaid, medicare, student loans, snap program, just about everything that the vulnerable populations in this country rely on as well as middle income americans. it's a cruel-hearted budget. it is not much different than what was proposed last year but it did extend the tax cuts which go predominantly to the wealthiest americans. it adds a trillion more to the deficit. >> congressman yarmuth, thank you very much for sharing your position. >> thank you.
5:26 am
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fox news host tucker carlson is painting himself as sort of the, i guess, victim of an outrage machine or a mom. he was shown making these statements on a shock jock show. media matters wants advertisers to leave fox and carlson claims fox has his back. joining us to discuss it is cnn chief media correspondent brian stelter and mary catherine hamm, conservative blogger. what's happening, brian, over at fox? first jeanine pirro said stuff on her show. >> right. >> she said it currently on her show. fox put out a statement saying they didn't approve of the anti-muslim remarks. now this is older stuff from ten
5:31 am
years ago roughly. tucker said it on a radio show. no word yet from fox. tucker has come out and basically said he's not going to, i guess, apologize or clarify. >> he said he's being challenged by a mob. you think this is an example of the left trying to take him down but he won't be cowed which is his message and it resonates with the fox audience. a lot of what they do is resentment television. he's playing into that saying he's the victim. media matters says this ten-year-old audio is important. he continues to behave this way today. act in ways that are my sojnistic and racist. that's the view from the left, media matters as they promote this audio timed to an advertiser event fox is having on wednesday. that's the intent. this matters because it is about decency and standards, the
5:32 am
corrosive, ugly, nasty behavior on or off cable news involving some of the hosts. it is about the ongoing struggle for the soul of the conservative movement. tucker carlson and jeanine pirro are faces of the movement. >> let me play some of the sound media matters released. this is tucker carlson talking about iraq in 2006. >> iraq is a crappy place filled with a bunch of semiliterate primitive monkeys. i have zero sympathy for them or their culture. a culture of people who don't use toilet paper or forks. >> mary catherine, what are we supposed to do with this in your mind? this was from 2006. >> and 2008. >> there is 2010 sound of him talking about elena kagan's appearance and making fun of women. what does one do with this? is tucker carlson the victim?
5:33 am
>> he's right when he says if he apologizes nothing ends and no is interested in his apology. that's true. that's how outrage mobs operate. if you are looking for me to say tucker carlson said bad things on the radio, that's true. i would apologize for them. i haven't said those bad things although i know i have some fans down in the media matters basement watching me for 15 years as well. shoutout, guys. but there is a difference between the pirro thing which is bigotry on her network and tucker's which is on the radio ten years ago. i wrote a book about how i don't like coming for people's heads and jobs because they say things people don't like. i believe what i wrote. there is another thing that's corrosive in addition to people saying mean things. it is the impulse to take people down and take people's jobs for saying errant facebook posts. that happens to real people, not just public figures. i like that tucker carlson is
5:34 am
joan riversing this thing. when people said to joan rivers and said your joke made me feel bad, she said i don't care. the next cycle was the apology cycle and then it was we don't accept your apology. if it wasn't fireable ten years ago, it ain't fireable now. >> if you are a viewer of tucker carlson, take the things he said about women calling women primitive, think. he said the things he said about elena kagan. was it just a performance? how do you know whether he still thinks that? >> you just take it under advisement. do i like this guy? do i want to watch his show? that's what tucker said. i'm on five nights a week. watch me. if you don't agree, come argue with me. this tendency to fire people all the time is an effort to short-circuit a conversation. >> yeah. >> we are not that good at
5:35 am
having them to begin with. it makes things worse. >> you make a good point. anybody is allowed to think what they want, of course. we shouldn't police what people think. i think where it gets complicated is when you choose not to apologize and you choose not to clarify we can assume that's what you think. so that is what you think because you haven't clarified that it's not what i don't think. those are your words and being on radio makes you more unplugged. that's the more real you than being on tv. on tv we wear all of this. on the radio we just, blah, say whatever we think. so let's just accept then that if you are not going to clarify that's what you think. that's all. you know, everybody go in with eyes wide open that these comments were expressing a real feeling. >> media matters isn't actually calling for his firing. they may want it to happen eventually. they are saying we just want the
5:36 am
advertisers to know about it. then the advertisers get to decide whether supporters show or not. that's an interesting strategy. we can love it, hate it. that's an interesting strategy. here is everything he's said, you know, this liberal group says we think he's anti-women, anti-minority, anti-muslim. you decide what to do. he's seen very few brand advertisers willing to support him now. it says something about the marketplace of ideas. there are big advertisers who don't want to be anywhere near tucker carlson. >> are they pulling support from his show? >> they have been in a gradual way for a while after other controversies. anti-immigrant stuff carlson said in the past. advertisers started to back away, move to other hours. we are seeing more now in the midst of the controversy. it could be temporary. may not last. we have seen a number of big advertisers -- the prestige brands you want to be associated with your program -- say they don't want to be near his show. there is impact. it might be bad or good but that's in the advertiser's
5:37 am
hands. >> i read mary catherine's book. it's terrific and you lay out an argument about what's wrong with the finger pointing that goes wrong in our society. i do wonder though about tucker's claim that he really is the victim here. when he's the one who said these things. he just said them. >> yeah. it's like ilhan omar. her supporters said quoting her is some sort of victimization of her. no, quoting you is quoting you. you can stand up for yourself. i do think there is a difference between contemporaneous and old. even old black face on a governor doesn't cause you to be punished. that's a fairly bright line. this is where we are. different people stand by different standards. i think sometimes the right is held to different standards than the left on these things. by the way, this is another thing. this doesn't just resonate with a fox audience.
5:38 am
the idea that people are being cowed by political correctness and the attempt to fire people and take their scalps when they say something mildly errant, even if this isn't mildly errant, it resonates with a lot of americans. this is a large part of why donald trump was elected though i'm not a huge fan and often disagree with tucker carlson. >> let's make the standards higher across the board. >> when you have a platform. i think when you are an opinion maker. >> don't be so hateful. is that so much to ask? i don't know. maybe it is. >> thank you all. we'll hold everything you said against you for years to come. >> exactly. >> thank you. appreciate it. >> hi, media matters. >> the state department is pulling all remaining staff from the u.s. embassy in venezuela. we have a live report on the crisis getting worse by the minute, next. >> first, a preview for you of the new cnn original series "the rise and fall of president
5:39 am
richard nixon." >> go give a god damn what the story is. >> richard nixon has lied repeatedly. >> no reporter in the washington post is to ever be in the white house again. do you understand? >> the tougher it gets, the cooler i get. i have what it takes. >> impeach nixon now! >> i want to say this to the television audience. people have got to know if their president is a crook. well, i'm not a crook. >> this crap about watergate -- >> let others wallow in watergate. we're going to do our job. >> i'm going to kick their ass. >> nobody is going to package me. nobody is going to make me put on an act for television. i'm not going to engage in gimmicks, stunts, wear silly hats. if people looking at me say that's a new nixon, then all i can say is, well, maybe you didn't know the old nixon. >> "tricky dick" a new original series sunday at 9:00.
5:40 am
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all right. new this morning the united states is with drawing all
5:44 am
remaining personnel from the embassy in venezuela as the nation's self-declared interim president is calling for more protests today. the crisis there is deepening as much of the country remains without power. paula newton is live with the breaking details. these are major new developments with the u.s. with drawing personnel. you wonder if that's a prologue to something else. >> and that's the issue. certainly secretary of state mike pompeo keeping everything guessing with the one line i'm sure you know. the presence of u.s. diplomatic staff at the embassy has become what he calls a constraint on u.s. policy. what does that mean? we have repeated over and over again what donald trump and his administration said. all options are on the table. that leads to the decision about whether or not there will be military intervention here with the u.s. really leading the charge. john, you remember that john bolton, national security adviser, had on the back of a note pad written 5,000 troops in
5:45 am
columb columbia. that started the rumors. nicolas maduro is paying attention. he also used the phrase all options on the table against them saying, look, at this point in time the all options on the table means that the united states is, in fact, responsible for this blackout we are going through now saying that they believe -- maduro believes the u.s. government actually sabotaged the electricity system. it will be interesting to see how the opposition goes forward from here. juan guaido has the declaration of a state of emergency. you can call for assistance, intervention. does he really have power to do anything? john, alisyn? >> things aren't getting better there. thank you very much for the update every hour. here's what else to watch today.
5:46 am
just so viewers know, i love that music. some people think i'm being facetious. they're saying, i can tell -- no, i love it. >> you want the full track. >> absolutely. i want the full dance mix. okay. hamilton and burr. the duel was more than 200 years ago. or was it? two major league baseball players named hamilton and burr have it out on the diamond in costume. they'll join us next. new snapscara from maybelline new york. smooth, clump-free volume. pure pigment formula means... it's on & off in a snap!
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5:51 am
between aaron burr and alexander hamilton is one of the key moments in american history. >> i saw it for the first time on sunday. >> and one of key moments on stage. this is what it looks like some 200 years ago. we have an etching. >> wow. >> that's what it looked like then. this is what it looked like this? arizona at a baseball field. that's ryan burr and ian hamilton, two pitchers for the chicago white sox, and then in a way re-enacted the burr/hamilton duel, why? if they both pitch for the white sox, you got to do something about it. joining us is ryan burr. now, ian hamilton was supposed to be with us. i can only assume because the duel went the way it did then? >> yeah, exactly. i know how the history goes. no, he's just running a little late. yeah, it was fun. it was a good time.
5:52 am
>> ryan burr, sir, as they say in the musical, explain to me exactly what happened here. >> yeah, so, you know, during spring training we try to do these team building exercises. everybody kind of has a little report that they have to do, you know, knowing the circumstances of a burr and hamilton in the same locker room, our manager rick renteria thought it might be fun to changele narrative. >> but we don't believe what you did. it seems like you actually did win the duel. how did you re-enact the duel? >> we basically revisited the story for the guys on the team that didn't know. not per se duel each other in the sense that it was back in
5:53 am
the 1800s, but a modern type of problem, you know, we would face. i guess we used hamilton, you know, telling everybody on twitter he could throw harder than me, and me coming in, challenging him to a duel. but we -- you know, we used some high-tech special effects, you know, like my phone to prerecord the ghost voices of aaron burr and alexander hamilton telling us to not duel, we week better working together for the same cause. that was the thing that we wanted to portray to the team, unity, coming together, we're better together than when we're not. that's the main thing we wanted to get across. >> that's almost exactly how it went down 200 years ago. what interests med here, burr,
5:54 am
sir, you pitch to players that can hit the ball billions of miles an hour, but yet you say you were more nervous for this presentation than just about anything. >> 100%. my public speaking skills are something i'm not -- i don't practice very often, i guess you could say. throwing a baseball is something we do every single day. we've been doing it forever, but when you're asked to stand up in front of a group of your peers and the front office staff, it can be intimidating, but we fought through the nerves and put on a good little skit. >> did you have to sing or do any rap? that's how they do it in the musical. >> we -- we shied away from that a bit. i think we let our nerves get the best of us when it came to that, but our acting was phenomenal. >> ryan burr, thank you so much
5:55 am
for being with us this morning, congratulations on your victory in the duel. tell ian hamilton if you see him again that his fans are waiting even as we speak. >> i'll let him know. i appreciate it. >> but i also want some photographic evidence that you didn't kill him. we don't believe you right now. he's standing off-camera right now. >> oh, very convenient, now he shows up. that's right. he's here now if you want to make sure it wasn't me. >> we have to go, but we believe you. >> thank you. you're good. >> the good stuff it next. thanks, ryan. welcome to fowler, indiana. one of the windiest places in america. and home to three bp wind farms. in the off-chance the wind ever stops blowing here...
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accepted by the ada for its effectiveness and safety. what an amazing clean! i'll only use an oral-b! oral-b. brush like a pro. time now for "the good stuff." tom an angie opened a pizza shop, and decided to only serve former homeless -- only to employ former homeless people living in transitional housing. one worker explains why it mean so much. >> get them back up to where they feel human again. >> tom was also once homeless. he says it makes him feel good
6:00 am
to help those in need. >> there are 15,000 homeless people around indianapolis and not enough people to love and help them back up. >> good on them. people want on chance. i'm hungry. >> let's go get some. "newsroom" starts right now. >> very good morning to you. >> house speaker nancy pelosi says president trump in her words is not wort impeaching without bipartisan support. not everyone agrees, especially in her only party. pelosi saying, quote, unless there's something to compelling that it divides the country and he's just for the worth it.


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